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My Qualifications and Experience may classify me as an Expert. I would like to introduce myself and my interests not as an expert, but as a life long learner of the Human Condition. I don’t consider myself an expert or an accomplished person, even though many would argue that I have done many things in my life than most people of my age and I have done them well. I am learning every day from the conversations I have with people from all over the world about their interests/questions and reflecting on the complexity of the human condition. I have always lived life on my own terms without causing any harm to anyone. I can’t say that I haven’t inconvenienced anyone (my family may have something to say about that)

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I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop a line or more. Give us suggestions and your valuable feedback, or to just say hello!

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If you want to know how to have the right type of conversation with yourself or others around you, you can contact me. You will have access to my online diary. Please note that I don’t sell or promote anything when you call and this is a way of sharing my thoughts and learning together.

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If I can get things that money can buy without having the money and learn to live with nothing, I will be truly blessed. This is an invitation to join me in this journey and learn more about what needs to be realised.

Emotional Wellness

Focusing on Wellness instead of illness. Reducing the adverse effects of emotional issues.

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Like YOU I want to be successful, I am in fact selfish in my PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. I seek and Create Relationships and I crave for Achievement.

– A wish by someone who inspired me to share this page with you.

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