A Bit About Me

Ihave the good fortune of having very private and personal conversations with many people because of my work and friends ask me if I ever get tired of talking. I am in fact energised by conversations.

I like stories, but more specifically, I like patterns within the stories even more. I realised something very profound and interesting in how different we all are as individuals in our reaction/response to what happens to us and around us, but also very similar irrespective of our intelligence, social status and access to knowledge and resources.

There are several theories on the what, the why and how people can modify/manage or control their reactions and choices they have etc….. One can speak to family or friends, seek the support of a Coach/Counsellor, Therapist or a Psychiatrist. There are self- help options and chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, online therapists and many more.

Dr Balu London

Why Me?

Personal transformation can often start with a simple conversation

I am a medical doctor and a Psychiatrist.I have worked as an investment manager in the financial services industry and have many other interests including emotions in decision making and PWYW in Health care (value-based pricing model). Why don’t you call me to find out more. Many people are reluctant to have a conversation for number of reasons and I want to be able to change that. Personal transformation can often start with a simple conversation. What are you waiting for? Let’s put our diary together and let’s talk…

Because I like talking to nice people like you. Let me explain further. There is usually a long waiting list to visit my clinic and the visits are usually short as there are multiple factors determining clinical encounters. When I meet people socially they are often intrigued by what I do and don’t do and sometimes I get asked if I read people’s mind. As a matter of fact, I don’t read minds and I will only get to know about you only when you tell me. But there can be patterns I recognise and we can have a conversation about patterns of thinking and behaviour.

You can have access to my diary on this page. Click on the link and you will get the instructions. Please note that I may have to reschedule the appointments at short notice because I also am a practising doctor and a family man. I always try my best to honour the agreed time but I am sure you will understand if there are any urgent incidents that delay our conversation.

To avoid disappointment, I have planned my diary in such a way that you will be able to choose a time up to 4 days in advance. The appointment slots are updated daily and new slots are released as and when they become available

Let’s Connect and Talk

I realised that there is something about the right type of conversation with self and/or others which facilitates personal growth and development, protects the body and the mind from developing any complications of common health problems. I welcome you to contact me on this page. You can in fact directly message me on Whatsapp. Please browse through the pages for more information and feel free to drop me a line. After all, conversations are about sharing experiences.

Let’s talk

I like talking to nice people like you. We can have a conversation about patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Contact me at +44 7846790287

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