Smiling when crying high functioning mood swings

Dr. BALU   •   Jan 28, 2018

Her life looks so sorted from the outside, yet she is fragile on the inside. Everyone thinks that she is living the life that she dreamt of. The Epitome of a “perfect” life. Only she knows what happens when she is alone. Tears flow for no reason, even when everyone around her smiles

  • Does she cry for the strength to keep going? Or Is it to mourn for the emptiness in her Soul?
  • Does she cry for the never-ending series of chores? Or the pain of incomplete lists?

Yet she strives to make her life beautiful and believes that she will survive and thrive.

She is angry at herself and others but can’t say why. She is disappointed but not depressed, frustrated without feelings. She wants to be perfect but knows that she can’t have control over her life. Her thoughts race a million miles a second and she wonders if she is going mad. She smiles because she must carry on for the sake of her family and friends and keep her dreams alive.

For others, she is HIGH FUNCTIONING, but she knows that she has no choice but to keep going.

When someone sent me this, I could recognise that she needs to talk to someone who listened and understood. Someone, she can share her aspirations and worries with. Does She suffer from Depression or is this part of who she is?