No two person’s health problem is similar. Two people may suffer from the same disease or have the same diagnosis, but the impact of the disease on them is different and the cost to alleviate suffering is different. In many ways, the value to the patient from any health provider is variable.  But health providers usually charge a standard fee. There are several costs in running a health and wellness service, but there can be a service that reduces costs, empowers patients to make decisions about their care, offers maximum choice including allowing them to set their own fees, based on perceived value.

The value of a service provided by a health and wellness clinic is variable depending on individual circumstances.  There are several outcomes that determine “value” for the customer, for example, timely access to high-quality service, flexibility, ease of communication, customised advice to suit unique lifestyle, etc. A true person-centred service in our opinion should allow the customer to decide on what they are willing to pay for the service. Goodwill and Trust enable the sustainability of PWYW service that promotes health and emotional wellness and prevents complications.

Health Management is easier and less expensive, whereas illness management is difficult and more expensive. THE CHOICE IS OURS AND IS CLEAR.

The NIH defines patient-centered care as follows: “health care that establishes a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families (when appropriate) to ensure that decisions respect patients’ wants, needs, and preferences and solicit patients’ input on the education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care”. We take it one step further to offer the choice of time, place, and price for the patient and their families.

What does “Pay What You Want” mean?

When a patient meets a health professional, they get value out of the Consultation/conversation /intervention. The health professional sells their time and expertise. Instead of setting a fixed fee for a service, the patients are encouraged to consider the “value” they receive and decide on the fee they would like to pay. This approach, we believe is the ultimate way to empower health care consumers and enable health care providers as co-investors in the patient’s journey to wellness.

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What if Patients don’t pay anything?

If many patients don’t pay and the cost of running the service exceeds the payment received, the clinic will not be sustainable and hence will close. It means that the business didn’t create any value for the customers. There is an incentive for the business to create value and inspire customers to pay enough or more to keep it going. This we believe is a WIN-WIN situation for both the business and customers.

We have experience from a Pilot and are developing a model that would enable the creation of a network of health providers and consumers.


How much does it cost to get service? What is the catch?

PWYW – Applies to the consultation, coaching, and therapy part of the service. There are considerable regulatory requirements and medico-legal issues around the prescription of medication, supervision of treatment, and communication with other care providers and statutory organisations. A fixed fee will apply for such services. You can send a message to find out more.

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