Inner Being & Personality

Dr. BALU   •   Jan 28, 2018

Istrongly believe most people lack high level of self awareness. They don’t have a lot of clarity about who they are and what’s their purpose in life. In our journey of life, We as humans want / can / need to evolve to our highest and best self at some point in life.

Until we reach that stage in our life, we got to learn from our fellow humans and from all the different things which exist in this universe. If we are aware of ourselves, our purpose in life and have a very strong individual value system. We develop some filtering skills. So if people want or are trying to change you, one would be able to take the feedback and filter the non-constructive parts out. Also one needs to have an inner circle of people who one can trust and who would give genuine and constructive feedback. Don’t forget, we always need to move or at least intend to move one step forward to being a better person.

One should remember that people can only try/help you change your personality, not your inner being. This is because they can only see/observe the personality.

Finally, when we align our personality with our inner being we can achieve authentic power. i.e aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves.

-Thanks to the contributor who wishes to remain anonymous for now