Do your eyes tell the same story?

Dr. BALU   •   Jan 24, 2018

Iwrite about anything that captivates my attention. I observe people, try to catch what others can’t and what they will never share. Register their pain, count their tears, and cherish them all.

I can churn you all into characters and scratch out a story cause in the real world, I am afraid of people. All I do is squeeze a story from each one of your eyes.

I’m weak with a heart which may collapse anytime, but I still manage to breathe with whatever you guys exhale.

I don’t know whether you are good or bad and personally, I don’t care. I only write the story that your eyes tell me.

You must be wondering whether I will always be this sadist version of myself. The truth is, this is who I am. You may call me a sadist, but this is me. I thrive in pain as that is the essence of my life.

I cling to you at first. you wonder and take it as my desperation to have you forever. It’s just momentary because I want to write using your pain as my ink and splash it with misery on my paper.

I hope I am not judged, I do it for the story, for the lesson, and for myself. Forgive me, it’s your pain that I pen down, pen down so it spreads and everyone learns….